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Established in 2017, TERESA MAIR was founded by Austrian born designer and architect Teresa Mair. Her creations are made in Austria and stand out by her time transcending creations with graceful and mystical nature.

Her coat couture line strives to create identity and personality which increases the consciousness of value and quality of a garment. the designer focuses on the design of atmospherical companions.

She graduated 2016 at the fashion college herbststrasse in vienna with a diploma in dressmaking and 2017 with an ma in architecture at the aalto university of arts, design and architecture in helsinki.

Teresa Mair lives and works in Tyrol, Vienna and Helsinki. Since 2015 she develops her own collections and projects. Teresa Mair achieved her BA in architecture at the University of Innsbruck, where she experienced design in a broader sense.



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And as for this coat that is on my back, it was given me by the Lord of the place whither I go; and that, as you say, to cover my nakedness with.